Custom made AI services: from workshops to company-wide scaling

With our comprehensive AI Canvas framework, we guide you through AI project implementation and sustainable deployment.

Our Services

We help you become an
AI driven organization

Using the AI Canvas, we guide organizations through sustainable AI deployment. Our services include: 

Artificial Intelligence Workshops

How can you create lasting value with AI? What challenges will you face? How can you navigate AI projects and strategic planning? In our interactive workshop, we will answer these questions and develop a detailed roadmap for AI implementation. We will also focus on long-term value.

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Rapid AI Prototype Development

Do you have a use case in mind? We will validate your idea and develop a top-class machine learning solution tailored to your needs. We don't treat projects as isolated topics but employ the AI canvas to gain a deep understanding of your business and develop software in alignment with your goals.

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Strategic Scaling into an AI Driven Organization

Do you want your organization to embrace AI on a large scale? Do you want to make AI part of your strategy? With our AI Canvas methodology, we will guide you through each step towards becoming an AI-driven organization - from business, through organizational change, to technological setup.

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AI Training & Capability Building

Do you want to systematically train your employees in AI? We bring in a semi-technical course spanning up to 5 sessions on topics such as statistics for AI, data preparation and exploration, deep learning tools, and machine learning concepts.

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Data Value

What is in your data? Can your data be used to develop a machine learning model? In this engagement, our engineers will thoroughly analyze your datasets, evaluate its usability and suggest in which machine learning models the data could be useful.

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Do you already have expertise in machine learning algorithm development? Are you struggling with deploying your models in a sustainable way?  Get in touch with us to see how we can make your machine learning development infrastructure more sustainable.

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Our Methodology

We developed the AI canvas to help you navigate the complexities of AI implementation

The AI Canvas is a strategic toolkit developed by the business and engineering minds at Merantix Labs and University of St. Gallen to guide companies through AI project implementation and sustainable deployment.

The novelty of many AI applications presents challenges to many companies who are not able to scale. With our comprehensive framework, we look into the topics of business, technology, organization, and AI Lifecycle.

Value Proposition

One of the first points we consider is the value proposition. What value can AI bring to your company? Why should you develop AI solutions and/or strategy? 

The AI canvas' value proposition provides a unique combination of products and services, which bring value to the user while considering possible partnerships.

Performance Indicators

A crucial part of assessing AI topics is understanding the necessary investments, both financial and non-financial, as well as expected returns in the short and long-term.


AI is the next disruptive general technology and as such requires a novel approach to leading and operating organizations. Therefore, to build an AI-native company, the leadership has to think about what organizational setup is most conducive to AI development, who makes decisions about AI projects and infrastructure, and what types of new roles are necessary.

Data & Technology

Data and technology are the main enabling factors for applying AI. Over the last decade, numerous new frameworks and tools have been developed to facilitate the application of AI as well as the governance of data. Choosing the right framework and organizational setting early on guarantees success in the long run.

Operational Implication

The novelty of many AI applications together with the inherently indeterminate nature presents a multitude of challenges for deploying them to production. It is important for any AI-ready company to address issues such as governance & compliance, regulation, safety and security.

AI Lifecycle

A defining characteristic of AI systems is their dynamic nature. Changes in the underlying data distribution, business metric or organizational setup will require a re-evaluation of the technology and models. As such, AI products undergo a life cycle that connects all parts of the AI canvas. The AI lifecycle should be kept in mind along the whole process of AI implementation.
Our Clients

We have experience in building AI solutions and strategies for many clients.

About the AI Canvas

The Perfect mix of academia and business.

The AI Canvas is a joint product of Merantix Labs and Prof. Dr. Damian Borth from the University of St. Gallen.

Prof. Damian Borth is director of the Institute of Computer Science at the University of St.Gallen, where he holds the chair in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML).

Previously, Damian was the founding director of the Deep Learning Competence Center at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern.

Damian‘s research focuses on large-scale machine learning and in particular deep learning to mine insights from multi-modal data streams. His work has been awarded by NVIDIA at GTC Europe 2016, the Best Paper Award at ACM ICMR 2012, the McKinsey Business Technology Award in 2011.

Currently, Damian serves as board member of various AI-related committees such as the German Data Science Society, or the advisory committee of the Roman Herzog Institute.

Merantix Labs is your external machine learning department. As an AI solutions company, we pride ourselves in our top-class engineers and business minds.

We guide our clients through the process of AI use case ideation, we build AI solutions, and provide strategic advice.


Who is the AI Canvas for?

AI canvas is the right framework for companies that:

• Want to learn about AI and understand the potential impact on their business
• Aspire to build prototypes and AI products aligned with the core business strategy
• Choose to scale AI use cases strategically and become truly AI-driven

Which industries do you work with?

We work with industries across the whole spectrum. Our experience tells us that while industries can be much different, the implementation and scaling of AI shows similar patterns across all of them. AI canvas is our distillation of this process and can easily be adapted to your industry as well.

How do I start?

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